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Did you know children start to develop a sense of self by age three? Our self-identify is shaped by life experiences, positive and negative, and the unique way we perceive the world. In turn, our self-identity influences our actions and behaviors, our core beliefs and relationships, and even our long-term potential. The Little Leaders picture book series by Gia Lacqua– Certified Trauma-Informed Coach, and former business executive–introduces lessons on cultivating positive self-identity, which is a critical part of healthy development so children can grow up with confidence, self-love, and resilience.

Limitless Little Leaders

author of the series

A Rainbow View

Lovey livy lu

An inspirational picture book for children with engaging colors, rhymes, and real-world examples of how there is often more than one way to see the same thing–perfect for showing young readers how to be open to new possibilities!

After her best friend tells her that her favorite color isn’t part of the rainbow, Livy Lu comes home confused and full of questions!

Together with her mom, Livy explores how one person’s blue can be another person’s green and other real-world examples of different ways we can experience the same thing. After an afternoon of exploring, Livy Lu realizes there is a rainbow of perspectives and hers is just one of many beautiful views. Livy Lu reminds us all, children and adults, to use our imagination in everyday situations, and to always be open to new possibilities.

Full of colorful illustrations, positive messages, and engaging rhymes, Lovey Livy Lu: A Rainbow View is the perfect tool for parents and teachers to explain multiple perspectives and help children build their mental agility.

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There is no shortage of new books swirling around in children's literature, but there is most certainly a shortage of original themes and stories that develop outside the parameters of the same old ideas that have been recycled too many times. Enter Lovey Livy Lu: A Rainbow View with a concept that had my littlest reader sitting up on her pillows and leaning forward when she discovered, finally, the story was moving in a direction she'd not experienced before. Gia Lacqua has emerged as a fresh new voice for kids and she weaves together acceptance and understanding in a world where not everything has to be right or wrong, black or white. Sometimes, it's pink, and other times it's green or blue. Lacqua's clever, rhythmic words are brought to life visually through the exceptional artistry of Zuzana Svobodová. Jewel tones and primary-colored illustrations mix into the stimulating artwork. Lacqua and Svobodová are a kid-lit dream team and I look forward to seeing where the Limitless Little Leaders series goes next.

-- Readers' Favorite (5 star review)

A gently delivered, visually appealing introduction to the concept of differing perspectives for kids.

-- Kirkus Reviews

This book is the perfect read for any child learning their colors, learning about empathy and other people’s perspectives, and learning about the vast world around them.

-- Booktrib

Lovey Livy Lu is an incredible children’s book that I think all children would adore reading. I loved the premise of this book and think this book would make a perfect addition to all children’s bookshelves as it is unique, entertaining, and can evoke conversations between parent and child, and that to me as a parent is wonderful! Gia Lacqua is an impeccable author who has written a flawless, well-developed story that will captivate its young reader’s imaginations with its delightful story and glorious illustrations! 

-- Red Headed Book Lover, Aimee Ann

The Invisible Fence

Coco courageous

A gentle and empathetic approach to standing up for yourself.

Setting boundaries is hard! Show them the power of using their voice- an introduction to personal boundaries for children ages 4-8.

Learning how to establish healthy boundaries is a critical life skill - and it's never too early to help your limitless little leader develop that muscle. Personal boundaries help children develop a sense of identity; enhance their confidence and independence; protect their well-being; and foster healthy relationships.

Play along with Coco Courageous and her sister Livy Lu, in the second book in the Limitless Little Leaders series!

Coco Courageous is strong and she is smart; but after her friend, Maddie steals her favorite pencil at school, she comes home angry and frustrated! During an afternoon of playing, the sisters, with some assistance from their toys, explore the meaning of boundaries. Livy helps Coco find the right words to tell Maddie what she wants to say.

Coco Courageous: The Invisible Fence invites parents, teachers, and caregivers to introduce the concept of personal boundaries.

Through enchanting illustration, delightful rhyme, and child-friendly examples of boundary-setting, Coco teaches children how to manage big emotions, and resolve conflict through honest and respectful communication. Together, Coco and Livy empower little leaders to:

- Recognize their emotions
- Look inward to discover what they need
- Say yes and no in courageous ways
- Practice empathy and respect
- Build their boundary-muscle

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Coco Courageous and The Invisible Fence is a work of fiction in the social issues subgenre. Penned for children, this charming picture book is part of the Limitless Little Leaders book series, and was written by author Gia Lacqua, edited by Diane Bailey, and has illustrations by artist Zuzana Svobodová. Covering important themes such as emotional awareness, being respectful and empathetic, and setting clear boundaries for themselves, this very important little book explains with ease how youngsters can be brave and stand up for themselves in situations where they may feel uncomfortable. We join protagonist Coco and her sister Livy Lu as they learn how to communicate with others about their emotions and set boundaries when things go wrong.

This deceptively simple little book packs an enormous message and one which is highly important for young people in today’s modern world. As we all need to learn more about boundary setting and personal autonomy (parents and teachers included), the ideas set out by author Gia Lacqua will form an invaluable part of any child’s emotional development. I could see this work being an ideal stepping stone at home, in classrooms, and even in therapeutic settings to discuss feelings and behavior. The illustrations by artist Zuzana Svobodová only serve to bring yet more life, joy, and vivacity to Coco and Livy’s story, and they really help to exemplify emotions in a fashion that youngsters will be able to recognize and relate to. Overall, Coco Courageous and The Invisible Fence is an essential book for any youngster’s reading list this year.

--  Readers' Favorite (5 star review)

The World Needs My Light

The World Needs My Light is an empowering and uplifting affirmation book for children ages 4-8.

Our thoughts create our reality.

If what we think impacts how we feel, and how we feel influences our behavior, then we need to start our little leaders off on the right path with a strong belief system.

Scientific research confirms that affirmations are a powerful tool in helping to build confidence, self-esteem, and improve social-emotional wellbeing. However, for affirmations to be effective, they must be rooted in more than positive thinking and self-talk.

The World Needs My Light is the perfect tool to help your little leader develop a strong sense of identity, confidence, and self-love by reinforcing universal core values. Full of whimsical illustrations and powerful affirmations, it will encourage and inspire both children and adults to:

• maintain a “can do” attitude
• develop a growth mindset
• demonstrate compassion (including self-compassion)
• lean into your intuition
• foster leadership skills, such as innovation
• have the courage to do what’s right
• practice gratitude
• embrace your authenticity

Developing a positive self-identity early in life will help them to navigate life’s challenges. Teach the little leader in your life to celebrate their uniqueness because the world needs their light.

The World Needs My Light includes a daily reflection exercise that is designed to increase mindfulness, and help children recognize and manage their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Give the limitless little leader in your life the gift of self-love.

Full of empowering words, The World Needs My Light addresses the more challenging moments in a child’s life, such as when they have a chance to lead, make good decisions for themselves, and be brave. The positivity that flows from the book will motivate readers to re-evaluate their situations and employ their self-worth. The vibrant illustrations will capture the attention of young readers as they follow the scenes, and the large text will be easy to read for both young eyes and mature caregivers. The purpose of the book is clear as Gia Lacqua lights up each page with encouraging affirmations. 

The book can be used to help children understand their value, even when they may be unhappy or apprehensive. The fill-in-the-blank sentences at the end of the book is a way to boost children’s confidence and give them a tool to help with self-reflection. It may also be used as a conversation starter between caregivers and children about self-esteem. This book would be a beautiful addition to a young child’s bookshelf and may be beneficial in a public library or school setting.

--  Readers' Favorite (5 star review)

Positive, inviting, and encouraging poems for young readers.

— Kirkus Reviews 

The overwhelming positivity of each poem makes this volume a good choice for young readers to speak aloud, instilling self-confidence with phrases like “Wherever I go, I blaze a new trail. / I believe in possibilities, even if I might fail.”

— Kirkus Reviews 

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