Female leaders are facing a critical inflection point, and the time to effectuate change for a better future is now. It's time to stop chasing success and start creating it. 
Learn more about the elivateHER Seminar - a transformational experience for extraordinary women.

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Organizations play a critical role in cultivating female leaders and closing the leadership gender gap

Despite significant advances, women are still grossly underrepresented in leadership. Women are marginalized, work harder and have more to prove with little support. There’s no shortage of ambitious women who are ready and eager to lead. But there is a lack of women’s leadership programs that support women in creating meaningful and lasting change.

elivateHER is a groundbreaking program that is specifically designed to support the high achieving woman in identifying the internal barriers that may be holding her back. elivateHER supports female leaders in creating the necessary awareness to:

elivateHER enables you to step into your power and unlock your potential in order to show up at work and in life as the extraordinary leader you know you are capable of being. This immersive experience uses a blended learning approach including facilitation, reflection, discussion, coaching and ideation. It is led by a Professional Certified Coach, and former business executive of a Fortune 500 Company, who has walked in her heels.

Support your female leaders in breaking the vicious cycle of burnout and overwhelm
by focusing on her mindset and overall wellbeing.

Bring our signature program to your organization

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Identify and overcome hidden obstacles and barriers to success;
Interrupt old cycles of behavior and identify new strategies so you can thrive without burning out
Tap into your authentic self in order to unlock your full potential.

If you're looking for a transformational women's leadership experience --- THIS IS IT!

step into your power

What Does the seminar include?

3 x 20-minute keynote presentations which includes:

the neuroscience behind how we are wired and programmed;
an introduction to our proprietary methodology for identifying and overcoming personal barriers;
common hidden saboteurs and thought patterns holding us back;
additional time for Q&A

3-hours of immersive workshops where we do the inner work.

Together we will identify your personal core values, re-define success and empower you to live your most authentic life.

- Professional coaching exercises, activities and tools
- Instructional design with Q&A
- Engaging, thought-provoking topics
- Networking opportunities through the use of breakouts
- Real world content

The Keynote

The Workshop

In order to re-program our thinking, we must first understand how our brains are wired, and how we have been conditioned.

Proprietary Methodology: 
Our formula for success includes a specialized and unique framework for identifying what our limiting beliefs are, how they show up, and how they can hold us back from reaching our fullest potential.

Real World Application: 
Coaching workshops provide an opportunity to deepen the learning, reflect on personal experiences and behaviors, and commit to specific actions.

How does it work?

step into your power

elivateHER is designed specifically for high achieving women who are ready to:

• invest in and prioritize herself
• ditch the self-doubt
• cut through the relentless demands, the guilt, and the noise
• stop settling for less than she deserves
• unlock her next chapter
• step into her power with purpose, clarity, and intention.
• reclaim her personal agency
• create big life changes

As a result of this coaching program, she will…
• Enhance her confidence
• Increase her well-being and resilience
• Reconnect with her authentic self
• Feel empowered at work and in life
• Find a renewed presence and energy
• Unlock her power of influence
• Live her life with intention and purpose


Transformation starts within.
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