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What’s Your Destination?

We are very fortunate to have the luxury of technology to direct us when we don’t know the way. In fact, we have come to heavily rely on navigation systems to guide us from where we are to where we want to be. 

Global positioning system; also known as GPS. It pinpoints your exact location on Earth at any given time. And whether by car or on foot, it will help you map out the various routes for you to take to get from point A to point B. Pretty magical, right? We do this on a regular basis without much thought. Access to this incredible system is literally at our fingertips. 

Why should your life be any different?

Do you get into your car and ask it where you’re headed? No! (Unless you’re Knight Rider and you have a car like KITT to do the thinking for you – for my fellow 80s fans out there). Do you get in your car only to drive around aimlessly? No! (Well, OK I may be guilty of doing this once or twice in global pandemic times). You get the point. You are in the driver’s seat for a reason….because you are in command. 

When it comes to the life you are leading, who is in the driver’s seat? Check your settings, are you on cruise control? 

This is what empowerment coaching is all about. Having a personal coach is like having your own GPS system in your corner to help you chart your course and navigate the ups and downs of life – personally and professionally. Impactful coaching can support you in closing the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. 

You are the one responsible for getting yourself from here to there. You determine the route. You determine the speed. You determine the destination. So, I ask you…

Where do you want to go?

January 5, 2021


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